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So who needs hot weather with that much icy beauty in a Chicago winter?
Great Ice Wall - Osterman Beach, ChicagoWinter Chicago Skyline from NU CampusSnowy GeometryWhy no lifeguardsIcy View from 40AIcy Dune - Osterman BeachBergerParkBlueSwings1.JPGMini-Matterhorn ChicagoFire and Ice - Sunrise 2.3.14Icy Evanston ShorelineAspenfrost at Sunrise-Colorado.jpgLost Paper - Osterman Beach '14Snowy Bench - Sheridan & ThorndaleIce Feathers on Waves.jpgSled Tracks - Osterman Beach '14IceMystery.jpgIcyMorning-OstermanBeach2-08.jpgSnowyCityShadows.jpgSheridan&ThorndaleTreacherousToWalkOn.JPG

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