My photo art celebrates our natural and man-made world with all its glorious variety. Rather than “taking pictures”, I try to tune in to flashes of perception and let the picture take me.

Thoughtful mentors and studies of contemplative photography and meditation opened my heart and eyes to a deeper way of perceiving beauty in simple things: A ripple on water, a flash of color, harmony of lines and texture, the play of sunlight and clouds, faces that are windows to the soul. I love to create pockets of harmony and a sense of tranquility and peace, but my images also embrace my love of funky urban life, people and animals, interesting angles, and the intriguing connection between man-made and natural shapes and forms.

I have enjoyed nature and life’s adventures since growing up in Germany. Over the years, photography evolved from a lifelong passion into a full-time vocation and career as an artist. I’ve lived and worked in Chicago since 1972, with much opportunity to travel. My galleries feature my photogenic hometown Chicago and scenes from travels in Ireland, the American West & Latin America, together with favorite images of pets, people and plantlife!

Thanks for celebrating our world with, and please come back often and bring your friends!