Jasmin Hislop (Anna's friend)(non-registered)
Hello Tracy
What an impressive portfolio. The diversity is remarkable! There's a certain graciousness that pervades every piece of work, a respect for the nature beauty of the subject matter. Sharing the authenticity so the viewer has no desire to alter or enhance it, is no accident. It is innate genius. I'm particularly drawn to your "Being Human" Gallery. What a gift and a blessing!
David Le Roy(non-registered)
Recently moved from Chicago to Miami. The weather in Miami is well...not Chicago. The only time I will be looking at the snow will be when I'm staring at this BEAUTIFUL photo entitled Fire and Ice. To me it's symbolic of the two climates clashing. Tracy, you have a wonderful eye and I hope the world can see your genius.


David Le Roy
Nancy Dorfman, 2020(non-registered)
You do amazing work, Tracy. What an eye! Bonnie and I both are enjoying your website. What a great site! We look forward to keeping up with your collection.
Jane Allan(non-registered)
Hi Tracy. Your website was a wonderful discovery. I thoroughly enjoyed looking through your photos and you've certainly put Chicago on my "Places to Visit" list.
Dave Petters(non-registered)
Hi Tracy - thank you for introducing my family to your photography at your home during our last holiday travels. It was wonderful for them to meet and talk with you about your beautiful work - and see condo living in Chicago. You inspired my oldest daughter to warm up her K1000 again! Have a terrific holiday season and New Year!
Regards, Dave
Heidi Vien(non-registered)
Love your work, as ever! Showing it now to my fiance Phil, who also loves photography.
Charlene Linke(non-registered)
Hi Tracy, I absolutely love your photos...thank you for inspiring me last night!
Tracy Poyser(non-registered)
Hey Carolyn and other photo fans -- still working on Maine photo edits and hope to have them up by November 1!! So, come back & check soon -
Thanks, Tracy
R carolyn Wood(non-registered)
Still waiting for some photos of beautiful Maine.
Chris Zarek(non-registered)
Tracy, it was so nice meeting outside your storefront yesterday. Craig and I will be in touch soon.
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