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...favorites from Flagstaff to Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, Sunset Crater National Park, the astounding Grand Canyon, and more.
Grand Canyon SunsetOak Creek MoonRock Strata - Wutpaki Nat'l MonumentSedona GreetingFallen Firebird - Sunset CraterSecrets - Wutpaki Nat'l MonumentSunset Red - Grand CanyonPonderosa Goat King - Sunset CraterPatio Azul - SedonaBalance - Wutpaki Nat'l MonumentFlagstaff's Pride - Part 1Flagstaff's Pride - Part 2Ridged Grandeur - Grand CanyonGrand Canyon ShadowsSculpted by Time - Oak Creek CanyonPainted Rock - Oak Creek CanyonClimber's Dream - Oak Creek CanyonBirch Dreams - SedonaChapel of the Cross - SedonaManmade Rock - Sedona

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