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...are entrancing, mysterious, dreamy and full of surprises, with layers of color, light, and motion.
Mag Mile Bus Stop, ChicagoAlleyCarRed.jpgBottled Mysteries - Devon Avenue.jpgDevonAvenueGenie.jpgGhostly Touch - Fullerton & Clark.jpgTemptations-Clark&Belden.JPGGreen Eyed Girl - Lincoln Park Zoo.JPGHeart of Art - Santa Fe.jpgMagic Mystery Shop.JPGSpirit of Monet - Camden MEAtwood Cafe Bling - ChicagoWatertowerIcePuddle.jpgHollywoodCurve-Chicago.jpgMirrored Yard - Barbara's Kitchen.jpgPink in Blue.JPGCome Sew With MeSeeThroughBags-Clark&Belden.JPGTraffic Jam - Pisac, Peru.JPGTrumpReflections.jpgWarpedMarinaTowers.JPG

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