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...brilliant, glorious colors of fall outdone by the magic beauty and power of steaming geyser basins, georgeous waterfalls, animals free to roam & graze.
Green Magic - Norris Geyser BasinDeep Mystery - Old Faithful BasinGrassy Islands - Mud Geyser BasinGibbon Falls VeilsLower Falls - Yellowstone RiverFire Power - Yellowstone BurningGold-Edged FanPiney Pond Colors - Lower BasinPrismatic Fire - Middle BasinSteaming Kaleidoscope - Prismatic SpringPrismatic Waves - Middle BasinGentle Reflection - Mammoth Hot SpringsZen Mirrors - Mammoth Hot SpringsEmerald Stream - Norris Geyser BasinSteam & Rock - Prismatic Spring BasinElk Prince - Mammoth Hot SpringsWhere the Buffalo Roam - Yellowstone SkiesJenny Lake Peace - Grand TetonHide-a-Moose - Grand TetonGold & Blue - Jenny Lake, Grand Tetons WY

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