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Funky and fresh...captivating, odd, exotic, weird, colorful and entertaining always! Found in alleys and underpasses, parking lots, on lamp posts, and other surprising spots.
Out in Belize-AmbergrisCaye3-24-10Words of Justice - Raechel Running, Flagstaff AZDreams of Justice - John Running,  Flagstaff AZPlay! Under the El Tracks, ChicagoObey! - Cork, IrelandResign! - Flagstaff,AZWalk! Devon & Rockwell, ChicagoTattoeed in Cork - Ireland 2012_1Don't Park - Glenwood & MorseFunky Pair - Devon Ave, ChicagoOh Boy! - Devon Ave, ChicagoThe Egg Perfected - Orleans St. ChicagoJack Lives Here - Wabash Ave, ChicagoMonster Dance - Glenwood Ave ChicagoPuppet Theatre - Michigan&RandolphSt. Elvis - Lakeview, ChicagoThe Watcher - Lakeview. ChicagoWalled Marilyn - Lakeview, ChicagoSaint or Sinner? Lakeview, ChicagoYamaha Alley - Dublin, Eire

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