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Second City? No way! My adopted hometown Chicago since 1972 is second to none with its unique mix of amazing architecture, lakefront parks and beaches, quirky neighborhoods, glorious public, and world class public art and music.
Almost Swallowed - North Side & CityWrigley Trumped 7-7-13Chicago River - Halsted & Branch St.AMABuilding1Block37 InteriorFramed by Henry Moore - Art Institute Garden+PrudentialFreshly Washed Lakefront - Chicago 5-29-2011Loop Glass & Marble - Wabash & MadisonMart Heads - Art Chicago  2008 - Merchandise Mart PlazaMillenium GoldTruChicago-Wabash+LakeMillenium Old & NewNavy Pier after SunsetPritzger Prism - Millenium ParkFoggy Concert - Pritzger PavilionPilsen Rooftop viewRosy City SunsetSculpted Dreamer-Shadow - MCA 7.2013Sculpted Dreamer-SunTilted E. Wacker Reflected

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